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Technical Research Department
Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energies

Eolienne - Switch energie Guadeloupe

Switch Energie is a technical research department specialized in the fields of the control of energy and renewable energies. We carry out energy diagnoses, feasibility studies, the thermal simulation of the buildings and accompany the communities, the companies and the professionals of the building in their energy projects.

Centrale Bouillante - Switch energie Guadeloupe

Switch Energie conceives systems (photovoltaic power stations, medical production of warm water in collective habitat, integration of renewable energies in the buildings…).

installation panneau solaire - Switch energie Guadeloupe

Switch Energie gathers the activities of Consulting engineers and Technical Research departments in the fields of Electricity, air-conditioning, renewable energies and control of bound energy on town and country planning, the infrastructures, town planning and the various networks.


2 Engineers Responsables for studies

High voltage specialist BTA – HTA - HTB
Low voltage specialist and all classes of connectors and optical fiber
Responsible for the production of documents
Technical monitoring contract
High/low voltage technical parts DCE
Experiment: 15 years, including 6 in Guadeloupe

2 Superior electrical technicians

High/low voltage specialist
Responsible for the preparation of documents
Technical monitoring in the design phase
High/low voltage technical parts DCE
Experiment: 5 years

1 Assistant manager

Public market specific training
Administrative assistance


  • The implementation of innovative technical solutions
  • Combating the use of energy-intensive equipment
  • The so-called high environmental qualities
  • Facilities and public facilities
  • The realization of the technical files of design and realization
  • Development of audit file and compliance program
  • Assistance to municipalities and trade unions for the renewal of the Public Service Delegation for the distribution of electrical energy and / or public lighting